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A must-have plugin for your WooCommerce product page.

Boost Your WooCommerce Sales with These Incredible WooCommerce Product Addons

WooCommerce Custom product addons

This plugin allows admin to add custom fields to the WooCommerce product pages easily using a custom form builder. It’s light-weight, feature rich and comes with a classy UI - truly the best in the market right now!

  • 14 types of custom Product Fields
  • Conditional logic
  • Custom Price Field
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  • Features

Woocommerce product text field

Text Area & Fields for Input

With this plugin you can add custom input fields which can be used to add field types like ‘custom text’, number, password, email etc. Price can also be set based on the character count or can be multiplied using the value entered by user.

Multi-line strings from customers can also be collected using the Textarea field.

Woocommerce product select field and upload field

Select Field & File Upload Option

Select an option that allows you to add multiple items as drop-down options. Customers can either select a single item or choose more than one item after configuring the dropdown. You can set a professional price or a different cost for each dropdown item.

Use the File Upload field to collect a file from users. Files can be images, Videos, Documents, or anything else that is supported by WordPress. Users can choose the location of the uploaded file and access it via a URL from the website's backend.

Woocommerce product page checkbox and radio fields

CheckBox & Radio Button

The checkbox and Radio Group functions are used to select from multiple items while allowing you to select only one item with Radio Group. You can also set different prices based on parameters for radio groups.

Admin can configure the Other option that can choose if customers want other options other than the configured one, and customers can enter their own value as other value.

Woocommercer product page date picker

Date field & Time field

The Date field, Date and Time field, and Time field can be will allow by this plugin. Users have the choice to select their date using the calendar they have been directed to create, as well as can enter the value directly from this plugin. The Time field works in a similar fashion, offers users a list of segments from which to choose.

Woocommercer product page image selector

Custom Image selector & Color Group

An image selector tool lets you select a custom image. Admin can add as many images in the backend of any size as needed. It can configure to set multiple as well as a single image.

Similar to the checkbox and radio groups, the Color Group feature can set custom color options in addition to the default options. By clicking the tick mark, the chosen item will be marked with an identifying icon.

Admin can set the Other option to display if a customer wants to view other options different from the one configured, and customers can enter a value that their own.

Woocommerce product page color picker

Color Picker

The user can choose the color pattern from the user-defined color field. This hex-color code will be displayed alongside the user's order.

Woocommerce product custom pricing option

Price with all fields

The price can be a fixed value or percentage of the base price.

Price can be calculated based on how many characters are entered by the user, a price can be calculated by multiplying the value the user entered.

Customer location selector using Google Places API

Location selector

Google Places API for suggesting the location is used as the user's location option. The user can pick a location on the map displayed.

Product fields based on conditions

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic is making use of to show or hide particular fields based on the value set for different fields. Fields will be shown or hidden based on the criterion set.

Custom product option features

Other Features


Create custom html headers with h1, h2, and h3 tags.


Paragraphs can be set and they will show in the front end, used to describe some fields.

Hidden Input

Hidden input type, data for users will be hidden.

Tool Tip & Help text

Help text can be set for each field, which can appear as either a tooltip or text attached to the label.


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