Top Effective Ways to Improve WooCommerce Customer Service

Posted By acoweb_root On Wed, Dec 21, 2022

With the increase in the use of digital media, businesses are also targeting online customers. Online customers have increased especially since the pandemic and also launch of WooCommerce websites. WooCommerce offers special features such as WooCommerce product addons which helps to add product and purchase quickly. Simple user experience and the way Woocommerce interact with customers is the driving force of sales in this platform. If you are running an eCommerce website, then the most powerful way of enhancing is word of mouth from your customers. If you provide them with a great experience, then they will suggest your website to others. 

Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

1. Customer Research 

The evolution of the digital world each day makes immense changes in the market. Hence, researching constantly and being updated with the trend is very crucial for retaining customers. Providing excellent customer service according to the latest trend will drive more traffic to your sites. Extensive research on digital content and marketing trends is necessary for every business to be on market. Offer your customers unique and innovative products that satisfy their needs. You should be aware of behavioural patterns and online trends to catch your audience’s attention. As a result,  your visitors will be excited about your brand in each engagement.

2. Delight Your Customers 

Shoppers get more excited about online shopping when you offer them special gifts, discounts and redeemable coupons. Developing a discount code system might assist you in ensuring that your clients get a great offer and remain loyal to your shop. You can also offer customers more targeted and tailored deals and promos. It might help you build a loyal consumer base for your eCommerce store. Providing a discount code system for each purchase or the next purchase will ensure your customer is more loyal. You can also offer customers more personalised and customized deals and promos. It might help you build a large client base for your eCommerce store. 

Similarly, you can effectively drive the growth of potential audiences by offering limited-time coupons and discounts. This method, if implemented efficiently, can also help you advertise newly launched products as well as products that had less visibility or were first disregarded. Once you’ve built a regular customer base for your WooCommerce business, they’ll buy non-discounted things from you as well. Some popular WooCommerce sales incentives that work well with WooCommerce product addons are first-time user offers, clearance sale offers, free returns and exchanges, combo deals, volume discounts, flash sale offers, and seasonal discounts.

3. Different Payment Options 

One of the beneficial and proven ways to enhance customer experience is by providing different payment options. Since the world is being more digital, different payment options are available such as UPI payments, credit cards, and debit cards etc., Providing online payment and payment on delivery options with online and offline payments will work effectively. There are several payment plugins available and also product purchase plugins such as Woocommerce product addons. Providing only one local payment option would result in the cancellation of orders. Since there is a large competition in this field, users are more like to leave your site and purchase from another site. 

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4. Offer Clients Surprises 

Who doesn’t love to have surprises? To improve the customer experience, introduce surprises during the purchasing journey. Providing free shipping is an effective and unique method. Moreover, show it only when the customer reaches the checkout process. This will encourage the shopper to return to you and will enhance the marketing through word of mouth of customers. You may apply this method to abandoned carts as well. Instead of the traditional “We miss you” emails, surprise your customers with an incentive to complete the deal. 

5. Provide a Multichannel Customer Experience 

Your customers can be available on online channels and social media platforms. Hence, you should also have a presence on every online channel.  The path to success is to provide a successful multichannel consumer experience! Omnichannel marketing has the potential to significantly increase conversions. Make sure that all necessary contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, is easily available on your website. Integrate live chat and widgets into your website to engage with customers in real-time. Chatbots’ growth has made it easier for customer support departments to respond 24×7 and can provide automated responses to frequently requested questions.

6. Optimize Store Performance 

The loading speed of a site is very crucial i.e., the speed shouldn’t exceed 3 seconds. The browsing experience on a site with minimal loading speed specified by the search engines is easy and simple. As a result, the users will love to shop and return to eCommerce sites the next time. In case, if it takes more loading time users will leave your site and this will increase the bounce rate of your site. 

This may be accomplished by picking the best WooCommerce hosting platform. You can also select a theme that will make your website faster and avoid sophisticated plugins and themes that will slow down the performance of your website. Several tools and plugins, such as the WooCommerce product addons plugin, can help you optimise the performance and processing time of your website.

7. Mobile-Friendly 

The best strategy to boost traffic to your website is to optimize for mobile. A large percentage internet is accessed on mobile. Having a WooCommerce site that is optimised for small screens allows you to stay competitive and helps to get local traffic. Run mobile device tests on your website periodically to verify that your site is ready for public access. Mobile testing helps to determine any issues with the site. As a result, you can solve and troubleshoot problems more quickly. Don’t let your consumers down by offering a slow website experience. WooCommerce’s mobile-friendly features like WooCommerce product addons will help you impress your customers and improve sales. 

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8. Implement Up-Sells and Cross-Sells 

In many eCommerce stores, upsells and cross-sells are popular features. When you search for a product on an online retailer, it suggests or displays a few more products at the end of the page. Upselling is a marketing strategy that pushes clients to spend more money by offering comparable or better items and related offers. It also means that the recommended products can be more expensive, causing buyers to buy more expensive products.

Cross-selling is a similar strategy in which clients are encouraged to purchase other services, things, and products connected to the chosen item for a slightly higher price. Following the checkout process, you can market an upsell or cross-sell. Strategically adopting both of these approaches will help you increase the sale of your WooCommerce store and divert the focus of your customers.

9. Display Customer Reviews 

Testimonials and reviews are always appreciated by the audience. Since many fake and spam product and sellers are now on the market, review and photos from the customer side is highly accepted and will enhance sales. Customer feedback has evolved into an amazing marketing resource. Online reviews are used by 88% of customers to evaluate a company’s customer service. When a new audience comes into contact with your brand for the first time, they are unlikely to trust it right away. As a result, testimonials are extremely important in persuading individuals to do business with you.

Customer interactions might be featured in their area. Please provide a few phrases summarising what they have to say about your shop, merchandise, and even customer service. It will demonstrate how professionally you do business. Display client testimonials from the outset, once your visitors have formed an opinion of your store (and give you great feedback). They will not decide whether or not it is worthwhile to browse your site once they get great reviews and comments. Displaying testimonials about you in an extra widget will rapidly attract your visitors’ curiosity. When completing an online purchase, people are now searching for third-party validation. 

10. Reliable and Easier Shipping Methods 

When purchasing non-downloadable products, customers consider the shipping method and cost. Incomplete and confusing delivery information can frequently deter customers from making a purchase. As a result, it is vital to simplify shipping procedures for clients of your WooCommerce site. Since the products are delivered to diverse locations, the shipping cost may be more than anticipated by the buyer.

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To keep your consumers engaged, you can temporarily hide the shipping method or cost on your WooCommerce store. It also enhances the customer experience by allowing your consumers to select from various delivery alternatives and set configurable filters.  Several plugins offer a choice of shipping alternatives for your WooCommerce store consumer along with woocommerce product addons. 

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Implementing different strategies for excellent customer service is crucial to enhance the sales of an eCommerce website. Adding relevant plugins provided on WooCommerce will help to improve the shopping experience. WooCommerce custom product addons are plugins that make product adding and buying more easier. Easy navigation and user experience will bring more traffic and conversions. With the increase in traffic, an eCommerce website’s rank on SERP will increase. Do try out the above-mentioned strategies and experience the magical change in your business.

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